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  1. I am working on the "Sleepy Dog" pattern. I could not find any corrections for this pattern but there is a discrepency in the "Body" instructions. Rows 10-18 you are working 38 sc. Row 19: sc in next 3sc, sc2tog 4times, sc in next 18 sts-34sts.
    I do not know how this works out because 3+8+18=29 sts. Did I do something wrong or is there something left out? An answer asap would be appreciated as this is a gift. Thank you

    1. Round 19
      (sc in next 3 sts, Sc2tog) * 4 times = 16 stitches
      and Sc in next 18 sts = 18 stitches

      Total stitches = 34 stitches.